engagement list


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My auntie told me charles, marriage is the only event in your life that you have full control- at birth you don’t see what happens at your naming ceremony, at death you don’t see what happens at your burial. So you should let your marriage count and be memorable.

To marry in Ghana, the man has to pay for the bridal price and this usually comes with a list.  This list is commonly made up of, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Knocking drink/cash
  2. Head drink- whisky/wine +cash presented to bride to help her set herself up in a venture
  3. Dowry /or bride price – often an undisclosed sum of money, 2 bottles of whisky or gin
  4. Money for the bride’s father, 1 bottle of expensive whisky & a piece of cloth
  5. A pair of sandals and money for the bride’s mother
  6. Jewellery for the bride
  7. At least 6 pieces of traditional wax print cloth for the bride
  8. Engagement ring
  9. Engagement bible
  10. Shoes, headpieces, lady wears and other gifts for the bride- usually put in a nice suitcase
  11. Sewing machine and some cooking utensils for housekeeping
  12. Drinks, money and food for the guests that will be present to witness the ceremony
  13. Money for the brothers or male cousins (if bride has no brothers) – akontasekan
  14. Thanksgiving-This can be monetary or a crate of drinks given to the bride’s family members who are present at the ceremony. To thank them for coming to the ceremony and agreeing for their daughter to be given away.

This list is different from tribe to tribe and even at the tribal level, is very dependent on the family as well and their personal preference and discretion towards the items which should appear on the list of items to be procured.