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THE PALMS BY EAGLES and EAGLES LODGE- Conferences, Weddings, Parties

The ultimate in luxury accommodations within the Western Region. Our facilities, The Palms and Eagles Lodge are situated in Takoradi, Beach road and Airport...
engagement list

Marriage & Dowry List for Getting your Bride in Ghana

My auntie told me charles, marriage is the only event in your life that you have full control- at birth you don’t see what...
pre wedding photo shoot

Pre-wedding Photo Shoot of the year: Akosua Diamond

Pre-wedding Photo Shoot of the year: Akosua Diamond-He's abt to change my last name- with the love of her life and best friend preparing...
Our wedding in Ghana

Our Wedding in Ghana- One Year On-Ewurasi Korentsiwa Baiden

This is indeed the Lord's doing and it is marvellous in our eyes